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I have a lot of good ideas but write very slowly. So, here are my ideas for blog posts that I haven’t worked on yet. Feel free to bang on ’em if you like the tone and if you do, drop me a line.


Why We Need Pirate Parties[ Redo – include G’s suggestions and address points in Joannes blog post –


No worries.  I read the article and though it seems an awful lot more like a rant than a solid opinion piece I found it both entertaining and enlightening.  Though the first paragraph is hard to get through and does not do a good job of getting readers into the mood of the rest of the piece.


What I really expected was a lot more on how Pirate parties are doing things.  In that sense some links or mention as to the successes they have had.  Also some of the links to what people have found to be beneficial from Piracy.  I know that a few Authors have seen benefits from such activity.

Advocate sending money directly to authors when you download books. start a swarm

Why I don’t own a Kindle, and why I won’t buy books from Amazon anymore. (Storify) @matociquala You’ve been quoted in my#Storify story “Morning coffee and an Amazon rant” Amazon’s hijinks with Macmillan & Hachette (both of whom publish me) are calculated to create Kindle loss leader ebooks at *my* expense.- why isn’t there a single scheme to try and make money off of using tpb / torrents

Losing my books made me think of how  the massive change in media and distribution b/c switch to electronic media loses so much / many books. Examine the process

This would seem to fill the void in my life formerly occupied by petty officers, team leaders and wives.

Some solid analysis of a very old phenomenom –

Malcoders have the initiative but whitehats have the analysis. Doesn’t seem to be helping those in the front line too much –

What is this Quiet Revolution shit? NOT the one in Quebec 40 years ago.  – looks like wishful thinking

Do a similar thing for Regina –

Creative workers today are in the unenviable position of galley slaves whose captains and owners are competing against prototype steam ships. The galley owners control most of the ports, warehouses etc., but the steamships can run circles around them, outperform their carrying capacity by orders of magnitude and access their markets.

Over the last 25 years my career in computer work has gone from a world where all the software was controlled by major corporations and governments to a world where major parts of public and private infrastructure are built with software made by free software projects. This process has taken pace mainly without a lot of fanfare – but the trend is fairly clear. Successful, continuing, community based projects get chosen because they work and stay in place because they aren’t subject to the stress of marketing, corporate cannibalism and planned obsolescence. Over time unstable software is replaced by stable software and community based software is more stable than corporate software





Explain why Pirate Parties are good for writers and other artists because they are an attempt to actually engage the problem and arrive at a working compromise rather than simply facilitate denial and pay lawyers rather than engineers.


Are Charles Fourier’s phalanxes coalescing via the virtual world?


Review minimal linux distros; Sabayon, Bodhi, Puppy, Crunchbang, Debian. State of the art, community, pros and cons.


Rework the old malware protection article and update for ransomware etc (Same tune, different guitar)


These and other data visualization tools and web based thingamahoos.


I lost some work yesterday because I assumed that the minimalist Linux distro along with Libreoffice I’m using was doing things like saving correctly and not losing versions. Now I’m going to use Google Drive as my primary workspace and my install on this laptop as my backup space. What are the pros and cons of this approach.


Write a review of Regina soup kitchens for Regina Reviews and the dynamic Ed Willet 🙂


Look over part time money makers as per and give my point of view.


I’m just in the process of building a working environment using a laptop with flaky USB drives (which seems to be every fuckin’ laptop I’ve used for the last 3 years), a self devouring install of Win7 and Puppy Linux. working with computers keeps ya humble, explain why.


I’m seeing a lot of stuff about the Scottish independence referendum and there’s an election coming up in Quebec so I’m reminded of a question I asked a young guy from Quebec when we were working together in Toronto. I asked him what independence meant to someone who had to leave home to get a job. He said ‘Vous avez raison”.


Why are the NDP so fucking useless? I see that Mulcair has apparently decided a victory in SK in key to a federal victory. this may be true but I wouldn’t rely on the Saskatchewan NDP types to create piss holes in a snowbank. Expand.


I recently wanted to re-read Gail Bowen’s work (I’m writing something set in Regina) and discovered that while her books are almost everywhere no one has ever torrented them up or so it seems. Why is that?


SAD is a serious problem here in Canada – this may (or may not) help. But it does make me wonder what, if anything, Canadian employers are doing to address the problem?


Why Liz Williams’s ‘Banner of Souls’, Nicola Griffith’s ‘Ammonite’ and Elizabeth Vonarburg’s ‘In the Mothers Land’ would or wouldn’t make good movies


Rewrite Trusting trust in popular language


The Early Worm Gets the Ornithopter


“I wish men would make more of an effort” said Nicola Griffith, referring to trying to stop using violence. It scared me but it made me think of what making an effort would consist of. What would ‘Gylany School’ look like?


When cybercrime first appeared in near future sf crackers were portrayed as very powerful and romantic in contrast to the sleazy reality of the Chinese Hacker Army and the Russian Business Network


The characters Kane (Karl Edward Wagner) and Paksennarion (Elizabeth Moon) seem to have interesting similarities and differences and I think they sum up or are typical of American fantasy.


Nicola Griffith and Gail Bowen have written murder mysteries featuring Aud Torvingen  Joanna Kilbourne respectively. When I was in gambling detox I picked up a Joanna Kilbourne novel and pictured Aud being dropped into the middle of it which was quite a visualization indeed. I lack the skill to write this as fanfic but perhaps a blog post.


Cases such as and Oliver North show that the activities revealed by Eric Snowden are nothing new and have been publicly revealed many times. Why did Snowden’s leaks produce such outrage and will they have a lasting impact? Obviously the earlier ones didn’t.


What’s the best way to deal with a passive agressive person?


What are the best ways to do personal computer backups?


I recently found myself in a situation where I was attacked by a mentally ill woman – what is the correct response in this situation? Besides “It depends” 🙂


Drupal and RPG, Report Program Generator both use the same giant cycle of processing thing and with similar results as far as user / developer comprehension goes. Independent or derivative?


Alcoholics Anonymous and the Occupy are both examples of viral memes. What are the differences and similarities?


A lot of the changes that have come about over the last few decades seem to be related to the advent of a widely used general purpose machine, the personal computer. How, why and which ones? Could you consider 3d printers as the analog equivalent?


Why am I so fascinated by gaming and game theory while at the same time I am so incredibly bored by actually playing them? Most of the time.


How can our creative people make a living while at the same time not buying into solutions that are based on short sighted greed and stupidity such as the current copyright enforcement regime?


One of the components to addiction, esp. those that don;t involve substances, is our ability to construct fantasy worlds. Could someone without imagination become addicted to for example, gambling, porn or facebook?


——————————————————————————–No 30———————————————————————————————


The whole flash movement as opposed to the flailing mainstream party thing looks a lot like Vernon Vinges analysis about why corporations evolve fastest. |


What would my ideal ebook reader look like?

I’ve written code most of my life and am now starting to write fiction. What are the differences?


What is the quickest way to generate a secure password without relying on a piece of software?


Occasionally you wind up in an interview that you strongly suspect is pro forma or has another agenda. What’s the best way to handle these situations?


Although many of the problems I solve are very complicated I find that I use the same general problems solving technique over and over. What is this and how does it work?


I’ve suffered from sleep disruptions for a long time, for a variety of reasons. What are some of the things I’ve done to get back to a regular sleep pattern?


Bitcoin is in the spotlight but few people are analysing it’s problems as a large distributed software project. Why would anyone trust critical things like currency to pieces of technology that don’t work?

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