Swarm 2.0 starts to buzz

Earlier this year I read “SWARMWISE, The Tactical Manual to Changing the World” by Rick Falkvinge. I thought its description of the methods and tactics for defining, starting and managing (or not managing) activist campaigns was excellent, but I found it a little hard to read. So, after a few months of editing work I’m releasing a new and hopefully improved version to the world – “Swarm 2.0”. This version isn’t finished but it’s ready for the next step, being reformatted and published as a ebook. So, I have put the latest version on the Draft site ( http://draftin.com ) at
for you to read and contribute to. You’re free to suggest changes or contribute expertise, artwork, help in promotion or anything else you can. Email me at luckdancing@gmail.com or leave me a comment or message.

Swarm on!

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