Reflections on the 5th Anniversary of Occupy Regina

I wrote this two years ago. Looking back again to that time I find I feel the same way now as when I wrote it and so I will say it again.
“Keep walking,” said Joan “and warn the robots off.”
Elaine advanced and the revolution began.

The revolution lasted 6 minutes and covered one hundred and twelve meters.”

‘The Dead Lady of Clown Town’ – Cordwainer Smith

Do You Remember?

By Rob Sutherland

Underneath the wind and the tents flapping I hear cars roll by

each rise and fade of wheels brings the taste of fear to my mouth

Oh, do you remember?

So cold in the morning wind and sun, sweep up the cigarette butts,

two women come by hiding their faces – “If we’re seen we’ll be fired” she hisses and presses $20 into my hand.

Oh, it was almost November.

The police walk through and eye the runaways,

later one of the lost kids threatens my life over a can of soup.

The light, suspended, swings and flickers, casting demon shadows.

Oh, do you remember?

A woman, smiling, eats soup as the sun drops.

We argue in circles, the clothes, unsorted pile up by the door.

I slice bread and organize dirty dishes.

Under the glow of tacky art deco lamps we leave to warm up.

Oh, it was almost November.

A girl with a hula hoop freaks out the parents – no jacket at +1. She laughs.

Oh, do you remember?


We continue.

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