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Status Log:

Feb 20th, 2016:

Started work about 7:30 when I got back from the fundraiser, luckily without hitting the ditch in a snow storm. Got Web2py setup after locating the install script – those docs need work. I left the design napkins for Carts! taped to a wall two, no three, places ago so I drew them from memory then plunged into web2py. I located a good intro tutorial (2.3 hours though!) and fell asleep watching it. While I was lying in bed with the upstairs cat gently chewing my fingers for attention I realized I was going to need to code a game engine in Python and remembered seeing one as a coding example somewhere in the last couple of days. So, find that, finish the vid and kick some ass.

Those web ides suck up a lot of local network resources – my browser hung on ‘Waiting for socket’ and when I did a netstat -aunt it looked like a ddos :-}

6:00 pm EST

I found several simple turn based python game scripts but it turned out the ‘game engine’ reference was to writing stuff with pygame. After watching almost all I shoveled some really wet (=heavy) snow and then helped Ann go for her volunteer shift at the military museuu here. Then I went for a quick (hah!) visit to a used bookstore I just found out about. After dragging my bag of books back up the hill I made a coffee and lay down for a sec. 4 hours later I woke up, cursed and ate. I’ll have to go with a text game, no time to chop up the graphics. Half an hour of the vid left,  then I’ll start coding again.

7:05am, Sunday February 21st

Worked until around 10:30 last night then my eyes were too sore to continue. I succeeded in completing the design:

– 7 locations

– 7 characters

–  8 scenes

to make up a minimal demo. The coding is jelled enough to start, web2py is quite a quick ramp up  and I was able to locate a python RPG game engine which helped in naming the parts. I have to go downtown and pay a debt of gratitude then into the final sprint.

4:30 EST

I put an alpha (very alpha) version up on Github at https://github.com/gylany/carts/tree/master then submitted it to the Hackathon.





Links relating to the hacksummit hackathon:




https://ide.c9.io/luckdancing/web2py dev server

https://koding.com/IDE/koding-vm-0/my-workspace deployment server








Ever walk through a foggy parking lot late at night? Watched the scattered shopping carts appear one by one and wonder if they’re collecting in a pack and following you when your back is turned?

Well, I have.

And I decided to write a game about it.

Carts! The Game

Feral, murderous shopping carts are attacking your town. Join in the defense and REMEMBER DEAD CAT LOUIE!

Dead Cat Louie pulled the cart into the narrow, stinking space under the stairs behind the dumpsters.  He slumped  on damp cardboard and filthy concrete. uncapped a bottle of Lysol and swallowed.  Shuddering, he gasped as harsh intoxicant ran into his matted beard.  

Clicking its wheels  his shopping cart was pulling away into the night! Enraged, he staggered out of the alcove in pursuit.

SLAM! He was knocked to his knees from behind! SLAM! Another blow came from in front. The rattling of wheels surrounded him as he looked up to see his shopping cart hurtling towards him.
















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