Fixing Windows

A friend asked me for advice on installing Windows on a Toshiba laptop so I did some checking around – these are just notes.

If you can’t get a free copy of Windows 10 (no existing 7 or 8.x install but you do have a copy of XP then you can pick one of these options based on these questions.

Is your machine 32 or 64 bit?

Does it use UEFI and / or Secure Boot? These are bios settings usually under the Boot menu option

Does your existing OS work? That is, will it stay up long enough to backup up your stuff?

You have to change UEFI to Legacy and enable the Compatibility Support Module to install any older or non-Microsoft operating system.

If your current install won’t work

  • create a bootable usb with a lightweight Linux Distro such as lxle –
  • Copy essential files to a usb

Then you have the choice of installing lxle and Virtualbox, then installing xp into Virtualbox – This will let you run modern web browsers etc but still use apps like Word on xp.


Install XP directly:


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