Be The Car Not The Dog!

A few weeks ago I wound up sending out Linkedin connect invitations to about 200 people because I clicked the wrong link. Linkedin had sent me an email telling me they’d generated a list of 10 ‘must connect’ to people. Idly curious I clicked through and before you could say “Why is there no confirmation step?” the invitations were on the way.

A few were to people I actually wanted to connect to so that was good. Some were to people, like my ex-wives that I genuinely regret disturbing. A lot (and the majority of responses) were to people I loathe and despise, NDP members and others styling themselves ‘progressives’ back in my home town of Regina, Saskatchewan. I didn’t come to write off and despise these people all at once or without cause. I’m a pretty pragmatic guy. In fact I worked pretty hard organizing protests from around 2009 on with a lot of them. In exchange I was treated like shit on a stick while I froze and starved on the streets. That is not a figure of speech. Given that experience it’s not credible that they would connect with me out of personal feelings. There’s an election coming up and I suppose that’s the reason – though how anyone could think I would jump back into the rancid zombie-fest of the Canadian left I don’t know.

But, y’know, if I thought they had a plan and the ability to carry it out I would work with them – but they don’t. The Canadian left has simply failed to learn the lessons of the last 20 years and is at this point no more than a circle jerk in an echo chamber. When the car of the latest viral movement rolls through the neighborhood the shaggier dogs of the left run out barking and follow along for a while but always, always return to their food bowls and blankets. If I’m wrong and you guys are the car, don’t bother telling me – I’ll  probably have hotwired it.

A picture is worth a thousand words and I’ll let Patti Smith express my feelings.




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