Current Projects

These are my current projects:

Carts! – A game about shopping carts attacking hobos. I participated in a Hackathon as part of a virtual summit and entered Carts!, something that had been floating around in my head for a few years. Here are my notes on the Hackathon I wanted to gain game development skills for a few other projects and produce a game that was more socially realistic than usual. I’ve been homeless myself and I’d like to show what that experience was like. There’s a development snapshot written in Ren’py up at Github. It’s very alpha and quite surreal since I’m using public domain pics of homeless people and street scenes but substituting free graphics from other games when I don’t have an appropriate one.

Swarm 2.0 – This is an effort to produce an edited version of “Swarmwise” by Rick Falkvinge. “Swarmwise” describes methods for starting and managing self-organized, single issue social movements and I have it up at Github. The original is quite interesting but I found it needed editing so I decided to do that.

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