My Favourite Essays

Reading these essays kicked me in the heart, each from a different angle.

Everything is Broken by Quinn Norton describes the despair of a true vision of the sheer horrible complicated mess of intertwined toxic humanity and technology that makes up modern life. This realization came to me when I was in my thirties after 15 years as a corporate / gov’t mainframe and 20 years as an addict had shown me close up how fragile, incomplete and corrosive our society is. I didn’t have the words to explain it then so I’m glad Norton did.

Everything is Broken by Quinn Norton

It’s good to know that someone else shares my level of frustration. Bailey Lamon’s scream of genuine outrage is a rallying cry for me.

Why this radical leftist is disillusioned by leftist culture

You have to be careful with Griffith’s writing, otherwise you may get swept away and wind up dealing with an earthquake in Nordstrom’s or a summer evening at a place called Linden. I’ve learned a lot from her writing and teaching.

Writing Slow River

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