The Wild Coder

Words: Rob Sutherland

TTO: The Wild Rover


Oh, I programmed in COBOL for manys the year

and I spent every minute in loathing and fear.

But now I’ve assembled new skills in great store,

and I never will program in COBOL no more!


Ch: And it’s No! Nay!, Never!

No! Nay! Never! No more!

Will I program in COBOL,

No, never no more!


I went into a pimpshop I used to frequent

and I told the headhunter, “I’m a COBOLin’ gent”

I asked her for contracts, she answered me nay.

“Such a skillset as yours we could have any day”.




Then I showed her my web site, well coded and tight

and that headhunters eyes opened wide with delight.

“Oh, Sir, we have contracts with firms of the best

and those words that I spoke, sure, were only in jest.


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