Cats and Pagans

Long ago in another life I ran a BBS (an early form of social network) and discovered that being a community resource can lead to problems you never suspected the existence of.

My BBS started off with a few science fiction fans and then gained a few role playing gamers when I started running an online game called Tradewars. The fun started when a group of pagans joined up. For a while all went well, the gamers gamed and the pagans drummed, chanted and had sex. Then, one day a young pagan woman posted about her difficulties after her boyfriend was transferred to another city.

She had been attempting to contact him via a telepathic trance, but had been unable to. She speculated that her communication problem was due to her cat throwing off telepathic static.The gamers jumped in and a lively discussion ensued regarding telepathy, cats and other possible reasons for the interference. I started coming home after a long day in the COBOL mines to 10 screen long denunciations from this young woman. I somewhat lacked sympathy for her, because of her habit (on another BBS) of luring stupid, horny men into chats, leading them them on to describe their fantasies and then posting the chat in public forums – I thought this lacked class. Still, in the interests of peace I told the gamers not to post in the pagan area, hoping that they’d go on to something else and that she would go back to trying to contact her boyfriend or discover the phone or something.

Alas, it was not to be – the discussion had a momentum of it’s own and although the gamers stayed in their own area, they kept speculating about whether tabbies were greater telepathic static producers that tortoiseshells, did purring raise or lower the level, etc., etc. She kept complaining, demanding that I should throw them off or horsewhip them or something. She wasn’t satisfied when  i told her that I wouldn’t do anything unless things escalated to abuse and threats (it’s not against the rules to discuss telepathic cats after all) she left in a huff.


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