What I’ve been reading lately

I’ve been lucky enough to find a couple of trilogies by M.A. Foster have been reissued as omnibus editions, ‘The Transformer’ and ‘The Book of the Ler’. Although the writing technique is a little clunky they’re both fascinating because of their focus on concepts of social and species evolution – something quite rare in SF. Many writers build exotic seeming social backgrounds, but few make the dynamics of change the center of their work.

I also came across ‘The Joe Abercrombie Omnibus’, containing his ‘First Law’ novels. Very readable with a literary feel to it – he seems to run his characters through a variety of  hellish devastation with echoes of everyone from Robert E. Howard to Willa Cather.

I picked up Catherine Asaro’s ‘Diamond Star’ and a Chris Anvil collection called ‘The Trouble With Humans’ from local library’s discarded book table. ‘Diamond Star’ is a really good book, the Anvil short stories were a little dated.

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