Ontario Hydro is freezing us!

I saw some articles about the Ontario Hydro cluster fuck yesterday (for non-Canadians that’s the power company in the province of Ontario) and it’s much worse than I thought. Power costs have been inflated 100% over the last decade and currently 567,000 Ontarians owe more than $172.5 million. According to ‘experts’ there’s nothing that can be done to lower these costs. Long term mismanagement and corruption have locked the province into contract arrangements that can’t be broken.

So, every day, some of these 567,000 households will find themselves unable to pay for power and they’ll be cut off. Or they’ll have to choose between paying for other essentials and power. The ‘experts’ don’t have much to say on the choice to feed yourself and your kids or pay the hydro bill. Or how to survive when your house is uninhabitable and you either pay for crazy expensive short term housing, live in your car or freeze on the street.

Or refuse to be frozen, head down to the nearest Ontario Hydro facility and move in there!  That’s the choice we’ve been handed.


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