Lazy Tub Cleaning

Scrubbing clean a bathtub is the household chore I hate most. You have to bend and stretch and scrub hard to get the scurf off and if you use chemicals; they cost money, mess up your hands and swirl off down the drain to destroy the environment. Then one day I figured out the Lazy Tub Cleaning method. It’s based on two observations;  the most comfortable way to scrub a tub is when you’re in it and feet work as well as hands on flat surfaces. It requires no chemicals and is very low effort. You only need two tools; one of those flat wiry plastic scrub pads and a container to hold rinse rinse water.

Start with a long hot bath. The longer the better since the bath crud will soften slightly as you soak. When you’re done take the scrub pad and scrub the sides of the tub as you’re sitting there. Float the pad down to your feet, hold it against the end of the tub with one foot and scrub. Switch feet. When you tire of this, pull the plug and stand up, then step on the scrub pad and move it back and forth, thus scrubbing the bottom of the tub. You can alternate feet and do the sides a bit, but remember, safety first. Don’t get too crazy and, if possible, hold on to something. When you tire of this step sit on the edge of the tub and scrub the back end a bit. Then toss a few containers of rinse water around the tub and, optionally, on yourself and you’re done

You don’t have to go crazy on the scrubbing. If you do this every time you have a  bath it will clear up after a week or so. For showers it’s the reverse – put the scrub pad on the bottom and scrub as you shower, then pick it up and scrub the walls when you’re done.

Go nuts 🙂

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