What I’ve been reading lately – 20/10/2016

Since I recently cleared out my storage locker and transported a couple of boxes of books back here I’ve been re-reading some I haven’t seen for a while. First, the Petrovitch series by Simon Morden, a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk kind of thing full of mayhem, swearing in Russian and high energy physics. One of my faves.

Next, I dug into ‘Lonely Werewolf Girl’ by Martin Millar, a coming of age story involving teenage werewolves, dysfunctional families and substance abuse. And of course, Joan Jett. Well worth the time.

Last, or actually first, since I’m working backwards, I went through the last three Marla Mason novels by Tim Pratt. Gritty, fast moving urban fantasy I guess, featuring a spiky magic user who keeps saving the world after she messes it up. Gritty but somewhat light-hearted.

I’ve been staying on the light side lately, I’m focusing more on computer stuff and need some mental comfort food after a hard days coding.

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