Janis Ian banned from Facebook – Please Help

Update: Thanks to the massive response to this request for help, Janis Ian’s posting privileges have been reinstated and an apology issued. Thanks to all who participated.

Folk music icon Janis Ian has been banned from FB. Help reinstate her page by following these instructions:

1. Sign on to Facebook. Click the little down-arrow in the upper right of your screen, in the blue menu bar (just to the right of the lock icon).
2. Scroll down to and select Report A Problem.
3. You’ll get a popup, asking what the problem is. Select Something Isn’t Working.
4. You’ll get a popup with a dropdown menu. Select Pages.
5. In the comment section for the popup, put something like “janisianpage, the official FB page for folk legend Janis Ian, has been wrongly banned due to the actions of others. She was calling out some skinheads, including a picture, and some of them reported her post as offensive, conveniently not mentioning that the offensive content was in fact THEM. Please reinstate janisianpage as soon as possible. Thank you.”
6. Send the message on its way, where ideally FB is getting bombed with requests to fix this.
7. Go to https://soundcloud.com/janisianpro , where the lady her own bad self has uploaded a new song!


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