Shawn Vulliez Is An Idiot

Well, here’s another entry in the Diary of the Bizarre. Last night, about 1 am, this guy called Shawn Vulliez left a rant on my voicemail where he accused me of placing a curse on him via a blog post, lamented that I was a low, curse flinging dog of a man and stated that he was planning to respond in kind.
See, this is why mundanes and fen are separate tribes. The true story of this blog post ( found here ) is that a few months ago I discovered Cthuvian Ipsum –  and decided to experiment with placing a few keywords among the randomly generated Lovecraftian babble and seeing if that brought more or less traffic than actual blog posts – it brings about the same.
During the creation of the initial post I discovered it was quite enjoyable and…soothing…to put such a post together. So whenever I get really, really, you know, pig strangling mad at someone or several someones I slap one of these together instead of ranting in English and being vulnerable to libel and slander actions etc.
And I hope that if Shawn does cook up a counter-curse he’ll use something besides the Lovecraftian pantheon because, AFAIK, they’re a strictly literary creation.

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