Dealing with Passive Aggressive Abuse

“Letting go is not the same as giving up, it is often just a change in directions to find a better way.” - Quote from Alcoholics Anonymous. (Attribution lost.) Abuse comes in many forms and, for me, the deeply hurtful and corrosive techniques of passive aggression are the hardest to deal with. They hurt the … Continue reading Dealing with Passive Aggressive Abuse

The Third Force – Publishing and Piracy

Following the ongoing word storm about the Amazon - Hachette fight is very frustrating for me because many of the participants are writers I admire. They are articulate, intelligent and thoughtful but so incredibly blind to the realities of the current situation that I want to pound my head on the desk. This blog post … Continue reading The Third Force – Publishing and Piracy

Why We Need Pirate Parties

We need Pirate Parties. Governments and corporate oligarchies are for all practical purposes the same and the Pirate movement provides a second voice. The interests those in power have in disruptive technology like the internet is first to control and second to profit and the interests of the populations affected by these disruptions are not … Continue reading Why We Need Pirate Parties