Game Development Resources

Development Environments Ren'Py is a visual novel engine - What is Twine - GameMaker - Scirra - Flixel Game making Library - Unity 3D Game Engine - Sites and Forums Free Game Dev - Lemma Soft - Tools Grid drawing tool - Hexagonal Grids - Grid Drawing - Dungeon … Continue reading Game Development Resources


Gamedev articles

Some links to game development articles mainly on data structures, finite state, design philosophy etc.

Worknotes for Carts!

  Get some graph paper - map with openoffice Character tools / weapons / attacks Cart hunters should have walkie talkies. 3 person hunter teams? Flip carts & attack with chainsaws? Pole arms? Traps? Bolos? Canes walkers Cart attacks Ramming Should Cartmaster weaponize? Evolve? Extendable knife things? … Continue reading Worknotes for Carts!