tDrupalConnect Project

Talend / Drupal Connector Project

The goal of this project is to create Talend Components and other related utilities to aid the manipulation and maintenance of Drupal sites.

By using the power and flexibility of Talend to update, extract and report on data contained in Drupal sites and to automate their updating and maintenance a lot of complicated, tedious work will be eliminated and corporations and organizations using Drupal will be that much more efficient and secure.

Because of its internal architecture, which provides a framework for extension and allows scalability Drupal is the most widely used CMS for businesses and organizations that need to interact with existing or external systems, have complex mixtures of functions and require the ability to scale. It is also the CMS attacked most often for being hard to learn, cumbersome to deploy and difficult to develop in. I’ve used Drupal since 2003 and, trust me, all of this is true.

Drupal’s complexity and learning curve often result in it becoming an island in the flow of corporate information. Data extraction and update functions often need to be custom coded and rely on third party extensions to Drupal (called modules) which are often unreliable and lag behind Drupal updates. In order to fill this gap and connect Drupal more closely to organizational data flow I’m starting the Talend / Drupal Connection Project.

This project is under the GPL and its files are hosted at: