Training Plan

Completed Courses

Big Data 101                 – Certificate

Hadoop 101                   – Certificate

MapReduce and YARN  – Certificate

Spark Fundamentals I   – Certificate

R 101                             – Certificate   

Data Science Methodology  – Certificate

Data Science Hands-on  – Certificate

Data Science 101            – Certificate

Moving Data Into Hadoop  – Certificate

 Accessing Hadoop with Hive – Certificate

Scala 101                           – Certificate

Ongoing Courses

Spark Fundamentals II         – Course Description

Spark Mlib                             – Course Description

Exploring Spark’s GraphX    – Course Description

Analyzing Big Data in R using Spark – Course Description

Data pipelines with Apache Kafka –  Course Description

Data Science with Scala      –  Course Description

Spark & Scala Analytics    –   Course Description

Work Areas

Data Scientist Workbench

Hacker Rank


Planned Courses & Learning Paths

Hadoop Fundamentals              – Course Descriptions

Hadoop Programming               – Course Descriptions

Hadoop Data Access                   – Course Descriptions

Hadoop Administration            – Course Descriptions

Spark Fundamentals                  – Course Descriptions

Scala Programming                    – Course Descriptions

Javascript                                       – Course Description

Python                                            – Course Description

Java                                              – Course Description

Open Source Projects

I’m currently searching for open source projects that will allow me to practice my skills. If you know of any, drop me a line. 

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