Windows 10 and how it sucks

I was just working on fixing a laptop with Windows 10 installed and learned a lot about how Windows 10 operates - and fails to operate. The device in question is an HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14 TS.  It was unusable with these problems: The built in wireless network interface connector didn’t work The battery didn’t … Continue reading Windows 10 and how it sucks


Coding / Sysadmin Resources

Development Environments  Cloud 9 - Koding - Python Anywhere - Eclipse - Komodo IDE - Language Reference Python Tutorial - PHP Net - Clojure - React Slideshow - W3Schools - Java Ranch - Javascript - Bash - Ruby - Sysadmin Tools 80 Linux Monitoring Tools - Linux apt Command Examples - Linux BPF - Nix … Continue reading Coding / Sysadmin Resources

Infosec resources

I decided to organize my infosec related bookmarks and here it is. Fragmentary, incomplete and often updated. Enjoy News Sites Hacker News - Norse Live Map - E-Hacking - SigInt, ComSec, Info Classification - Trend Micro - Inforsec Island - Google Security Blog - Malware Must Die - SecTechno Information Security - Security … Continue reading Infosec resources

Big Data Info & Resources

I'm picking up some Big Data skills - here are some useful links. Training Big Data University - Covers a lot of material, but material includes lots of IBM propaganda 🙂 MapReduce Tutorial Cassandra Database Tutorial for Beginners Writeups How Not To Use Cassandra Pig Vs Hive Vs SQL Spark and Hadoop on … Continue reading Big Data Info & Resources