Shawn Vulliez Is An Idiot

Well, here's another entry in the Diary of the Bizarre. Last night, about 1 am, this guy called Shawn Vulliez left a rant on my voicemail where he accused me of placing a curse on him via a blog post, lamented that I was a low, curse flinging dog of a man and stated that … Continue reading Shawn Vulliez Is An Idiot



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Janis Ian banned from Facebook – Please Help

Update: Thanks to the massive response to this request for help, Janis Ian's posting privileges have been reinstated and an apology issued. Thanks to all who participated. Folk music icon Janis Ian has been banned from FB. Help reinstate her page by following these instructions: 1. Sign on to Facebook. Click the little down-arrow in … Continue reading Janis Ian banned from Facebook – Please Help

Windows 10 and how it sucks

I was just working on fixing a laptop with Windows 10 installed and learned a lot about how Windows 10 operates - and fails to operate. The device in question is an HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14 TS.  It was unusable with these problems: The built in wireless network interface connector didn’t work The battery didn’t … Continue reading Windows 10 and how it sucks

What I’ve been reading lately – 20/10/2016

Since I recently cleared out my storage locker and transported a couple of boxes of books back here I've been re-reading some I haven't seen for a while. First, the Petrovitch series by Simon Morden, a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk kind of thing full of mayhem, swearing in Russian and high energy physics. One of my faves. … Continue reading What I’ve been reading lately – 20/10/2016